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Erin Ambrose is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Roseville, CA. Erin provides Christian counseling with the goal of healing and growth in emotions and relationships. She is passionate about helping people discover their gifts and strengths while helping to bear the burdens of past hurts. Erin is also a member of the psychology department faculty at William Jessup University. She teaches a number of classes, heads up the International Psychology concentration, and enjoys mentoring college students as they discover the calling on their lives.

In addition to her role as a therapist and at the university, Erin is a frequent international speaker and travels often to China providing workshops in the area of relationships and personal growth.

Erin is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in International Psychology to better equip her for ministry around the world.Β  In her spare time, Erin loves to run marathons, spend time in nature, play with her beagle and act silly with her children.


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  1. Carol
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 17:11:09

    Thinking of you and hoping your first few days of chemotherapy are tolerable. I am praying today that you will experience God’s presence and Peace in the midst of this difficult path.


  2. Judi
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 05:18:11

    Hold His hand and you will meet each day with the strength and calm only He is able to give us. This is a disease that no one wants to hear diagnosed by their Dr. Having our Lord to rely on makes it bearable. Everyone’s prayers and caring comments will let you know you have friends and family in your corner…you need not feel alone. It sounds like you are heavily invested in your faith and in keeping a positive attitude. May God bless you!


  3. Judi
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 18:36:04

    Thinking of you this a.m. And keeping you and the journey you are on in my prayers!
    James5:13…Are any among you suffering? They should keep on praying about it. And those who have reason to be thankful should continually sing praises to the Lord. Wishing you a happy day!


    • erinambrose
      Jun 20, 2012 @ 20:52:55

      Thanks so much Judi. I really appreciate your prayers and scripture reference. I have many reasons to be thankful and I am praising God for the strength He gives me everyday!!!


  4. Wayne Augden
    Jun 22, 2012 @ 06:01:08

    I came across your blog quite by accident. Enjoyed your about page. I’m sorry to hear of your struggle, and will pray that God will give you the strength and peace to get through this. Wayne


  5. Kelly Thornberry
    Jun 24, 2012 @ 10:40:21

    My mother has been battling lung cancer since November. Glad to find this site to pass on encouraging words. Thank you!


    • erinambrose
      Jun 25, 2012 @ 02:52:39

      I am so sorry to hear your mom is battling cancer also. It is a difficult road. I will be praying for her and for you as you both journey together. I find much comfort in the Lord’s promises from His Word. I hope you do too.


  6. The Presents of Presence
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 23:55:55

    I’m a 10 year survivor of BC ~ I am here for you whenever you need a friend. I’ve had it all so you can count on me for understanding. Love, hugs, faith, hope and strength to you! xo ❀


  7. Ralph
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 21:38:50

    Hi Erin. Just passing and I thought I would pop in to see how you are. You okay?


    • erinambrose
      Aug 18, 2012 @ 01:23:53

      Hi Ralph,
      Thanks so much for checking in. I had a few rough days after my last chemo but doing much better now! You are so sweet to inquire. Blessings to you!


  8. sue
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 02:32:11

    Erin, The photo of rash on your hand linked me to this blog. I was diagnosed with breast cancer two months after you. I am having the same rash:)…Thanks for your posting. All my doctors told me what I have is not related to taxol, but I think you confirmed it is. Keep up the positive spirit. We will fight and win!!


    • erinambrose
      Aug 30, 2012 @ 01:34:22

      Hi Sue,
      I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis and and horrible rash. The doctor first said mine wasn’t related either, but then it got much worse eventually leading to a biopsy of my hand. It cleared up without any treatment but it sure was painful while it lasted! I will keep you in my prayers as we both stay strong in the battle. Thanks for the link to your blog!! I will come visit you πŸ™‚


  9. elysebyrum
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 06:16:49

    You are such an inspiration, Erin! It is so encouraging to read about your positive attitude and trust in God through this battle against cancer. A lot of my family and friends are battling or have battled cancer recently. I don’t always get to hear their feelings or reactions to their diagnosis or treatment, so thank you for opening up and sharing about your experiences. I hope that I am privileged enough to one day work as a therapist with clients and their families as they battle cancer. I look forward to this semester in your class and witnessing your healing!


    • erinambrose
      Aug 30, 2012 @ 14:12:47

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your encouraging comment. I feel so blessed to teach at Jessup and have the opportunity to connect with students. I’m sorry cancer has effected so many of your family. It is an aweful disease but I believe God is bigger than cancer and He has shown himself faithful as I walk through it. Please let me know if you have any questions about your path to becoming a therapist. I would be give you some guidance along the way. I am so glad you are in the class and look forward to getting to know you!
      Blessings, Erin


  10. Sue
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 03:38:52

    How are you doing? Haven’t seen new post from you for a while….


    • erinambrose
      Sep 16, 2012 @ 03:01:31

      Hi Sue, Thanks for checking in on me. I had my final chemo last week and it knocked me down a bit. I am feeling much better now and really looking forward to getting my full strength back. Blessings to you!!!


  11. Renee Myers
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 13:46:21

    Hi, Erin – Thank you for visiting my site. What a blessing it is to “meet” you! I’m struck by what a beautiful, gracious, and giving person you are, especially in light of all you’re going through. You are truly an inspiration. I’ll be keeping you in prayer. And btw…you have a great blog! πŸ™‚ Hugs and blessings!


    • erinambrose
      Sep 16, 2012 @ 03:25:55

      Hi Renee,
      Thanks for taking time to read my blog. I enjoyed yours as well. πŸ™‚ I am blessed to have such kind people praying for me. Thank you! I know God is carrying me and trust He will exchange beauty for ashes.
      Blessings and hugs to you!


  12. Exhibit BIANCA
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 00:24:36

    Beautiful, beautiful blog!


  13. tfaswift
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 22:17:18

    Hello Erin, I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. You can choose to participate or not. It’s up to you. To read more about it, you can go to my post: http://tfaswift.wordpress.com/2012/10/13/beautiful-blogger-award/ and find directions, as well as a list of other bloggers I’ve nominated.


  14. Judy Lomeli -Paz
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 01:28:02

    Hi Erin,
    I am thinking of you and and praying for a fast recovery. I am looking forward to seeing you at church again. It is always a blessing to see you and your wonderful smile.


    • erinambrose
      Nov 05, 2012 @ 02:14:23

      Hi Judy, Thank you for reading my blog and for your prayers. I was able to go to church today!! I looked for you but didn’t see you. Hope to see you soon!! Blessings and hugs, Erin


  15. jgarrott
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 01:41:12

    Thanks for “liking” my post. Since International Psychology is dear to my heart, I had intended to leave a comment about that here, but I find you are in the middle of a very pressing battle. May you find the Lord to indeed be an “ever present help in time of trouble,” experiencing His strength and His healing for His glory.


    • erinambrose
      Nov 20, 2012 @ 03:53:16

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for your encouraging words. I am grateful for all that God is doing in my life through struggle. He has carried me every step of the way. He is truly the GOD of all comfort.


  16. photographymemoirs
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 11:58:32

    Greetings from Australia Erin,
    I think what you are doing is absolutely fantastic. As a physiotherapist and photographer I have recently being contemplating studying counselling with the purpose of supporting Christian couples, because I strongly believe that the institution of marriage as a sacrament and family is the most important unit to preserve for the wellbeing of society and as a testament to non christians.
    God bless you in every way


    • erinambrose
      Jan 14, 2013 @ 00:45:32

      Thank you, Konstantine!
      I appreciate your warm comments and taking the time to stop by my blog. I’m humbled to be used by God to work and minister to couples and families. It is a passion and joy!
      Many blessings to you~


  17. twistofamillennia
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 01:14:37

    Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!


  18. Rick Stassi
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 18:50:22

    I grew up in Roseville. My parents still live there and I now live in Elk Grove! Look forward to exploring your site…


  19. Christine Hood
    Sep 23, 2013 @ 18:00:28

    Dear Erin, Looking up your phone number, I ran across your blog. You inspire me, and even more so now that I’ve read your blog. May God continue to hold his hand on you. HE is our Savior. Bless you Erin, and thank you so much for what you do.


  20. CeletaC
    Mar 12, 2015 @ 13:49:08

    Good Morning Erin!

    You haven’t blogged for a while (boy oh boy, I know how that goes!). How is your journey? Blessings.


    • erinambrose
      Mar 12, 2015 @ 14:35:30

      Good morning Celeta~ Thank you for checking in. I keep telling myself to sit down and post something, but never make the time. I’m doing well,healthy, and remain cancer free. I just had my third surgery. This was only a minor correction of the reconstruction and I’m healing well. Blessings to you!


      • CeletaC
        Mar 13, 2015 @ 00:31:20

        Wonderful news! I just love how God prepares us for trials! I recall being so inspired by your blog & rejoicing at your news of being cancer free…seeds planted in my heart to help steady me as I was diagnosed last fall. Praying for continued health!

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